This year sure seems to by flying by fast.  Our daughter Lindsey was born in May, and we have been learning how to be parents ever since.  Lisa is a great mom, and I'm having a lot of fun being a dad. 

Right now I am working on my M.S. in electrical and computer engineering, and am doing web design on the side.  I've learned how to use flash animation, and am building some fun sites.

Lisa has put together several cross stitches, and has been teaching Lindsey how to say things like aboo and daddy.  She is also getting good at web design, and has been maintaining a page for family members on her side of the family.

The pictures on the left show us at mirror lake, then picking blueberries outside of Sandy Oregon, then the lowest one shows Lindsey with a baseball keychain we picked up at a Beavers baseball game we went to.













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